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Making the decision to bring in a consultant to help your business grow, compete, and have an advantage over your competitors can be a difficult decision to make, but when it’s done for the right reasons and time is invested in making it work… it’s worth the time, expense, and effort.

The digital marketing consulting services that we provide focus on helping a company use their existing budget, staff, expertise, and time to create a plan of action that will move them closer to their goals as a business. We are able to modify our consulting to fit the needs, budget, timeframe, and goals of any of our clients; whether they are working with a set budget, a monthly retainer, or a fixed hourly rate. Some of the companies we’ve consulted for in the recent past were our consultation services for the following situations:

Start Ups

Typically before a start up business starts down the path of establishing and growing their business, they usually have a marketing plan in place and the staff needed to carry it out, but they often times appreciate guidance and a second opinion on their chosen strategy to make sure the business takes off. We pride ourselves on being able to review their existing marketing strategy while providing them with a competitive analysis of their industry to provide them with a suggested action plan as well as any modifications we suggest they consider prior to going full throttle with their original plan. The consulting that we provide for these types of business enables them to have an expert opinion as well as save valuable time and money.


When the decision has been made to reintroduce and reshape an existing company by way of rebranding, there are a variety of moving pieces and factors that must be taken into consideration. For that reason, we look to work with most if not all of the individuals involved in the entire rebranding process; from the fulfillment team to company executives. Doing so enables us to understand everything that needs to take place within the company for the rebrand to be a success, while building a strategy that will ensure this brand consultation is a success.

Company Audits

This form of consulting does not focus on analyzing and performing an audit for your entire business, but instead it focuses on the type of marketing being done; or the lack of it. We typically will take a close look at what marketing is being done (if any), what short term and long term changes can be done to further grow the business and existing revenue, as well as improve the efficiency of how customers are both finding and conducting business with the company. As a result of this type of consulting, we have seen companies improve their spend and profits multiple times over.

Competitive Analysis

One of the most common forms of consultation we are contacted about relates to an analysis of one or more of the competitors of our clients. The thing about competitors, no matter how large or successful a business might be, is the fact that their competitors are always looking for ways to have the upper hand in one way or another. Having a detailed competitor analysis for your business and your industry will enable you to truly know where you stand in your market, how far ahead or behind you might be when compared to a competitor(s), and it allows you to make decisions that will ensure you not only maintain the position you have in your industry… but also look for new ways and areas you can capitalize on and see continual growth.