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We understand that a large percentage of our visitors here at are looking to learn more about the digital industry, and with that may come some unfamiliarity with industry terms. For that reason, we have and will continue to develop the glossary below. It’s possible that we may overlook or forget about a term that you may be looking for, and if that’s the case… don’t hesitate to let us know by using the Contact page.

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On-Page Optimization
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SEO is an abbreviation of the term Search Engine Optimization. It’s basically the name of the work and modifications done to a website to make sure the website complies with some of the best practices of a given search engine; like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. 

Of the many benefits of implementing and taking SEO seriously is the fact that it can result in your website being at the top of a search engine, below paid listings & advertisements, when someone is searching for information, about a product, or a specific service offered on your website.

Some of the most important elements of SEO that get the most attention on successful/high ranking websites are:

* Keyword Research – Identifying keywords that people often use to search online for information, products, and services in an effort to compete for the in the organic listings of the SERPs.

* Off-Page Optimization – Any work that is done outside, or off, of a website or webpage to promote it and help it rank better in the SERPs.

* On-Page Optimization – Pretty much the opposite of off-page optimization… any work performed directly on a website or webpage to help it rank better in the SERPs.


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