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Why Do Companies Choose
To Work With Us?

This question in most cases gives a company to green light on speaking about their successes and what makes them better than a competing company, product, or service. It’s going to sound crazy to some, but we don’t feel that we’re competing with anyone or anything in all honesty. What we mean by that is, we just feel that as long as we are ourselves and transparent with potential and existing clients, the decision is theirs to decide if they want to work with us.


We don’t believe in trying to talk anyone into doing business with us, because once they have an understanding what the internet can do for their business… it’s just a matter of them deciding if they want to make the investment; followed by deciding if they want to work with us or another company. For those who are still reading this, and are waiting for us to tell the world why people do business with us, here are a few things we’ve been told when we ask our clients this question: (in so many words)

  • “I feel like is an extension of my company.”
  • “I trust you, although I don’t always understand what you do, how you do it, or why you do it.”
  • “You’re easy to work with.”
  • “When I have a thought or concern, I feel like I’m being heard and attended to.”
  • “The results I’ve seen since we started surpassed what I expected”
  • “I know you have the best interest of my business in mind.”

Hopefully this answers the above question that we are asked regularly. You may have noticed that we didn’t take the standard course of action and explain how our results, tools, staff, pricing, etc etc are so much better than the next company; because frankly that almost never seems to influence the businesses we are currently working with and/or have worked with in the past.